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The Sheila V. Mission (SVM) Project ~ Conceived 2000

SVM ReDesign Your Life America, Inc. ~ Filed 2011 * The SV Zing Team ~ Formed October 2013 ~ 2015

Sheila V. & Associates, LLC (SV&A) * The Marketplace at SV&A, LLC (TMktP) ~ Established Spring 2014

SVM Global Initiative ~ Established Winter 2014  * TMktP Launchers FB Group ~ Founded 2016 

The SVM Global Learning Center, LLC ~ Established 2017

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

Greg, Ellen & Brittney Hart

Sydney, Australia

"For Rev Sheila family and all members of this great team may you be blessed for the great ministry we all carry with you. Greetings from Tanzania Land of 

Mt Kilimanjaro"

Christopher Kala

Tanzania, Africa

"The Lord is preparing us for the wealth we are going to experience. He doesn't want us to fail like those who won the lottery. He's teaching us patience, being humble and being grateful for the little things we receive now. So that when we experience abundance we will appreciate it and the hard work, sleepless nights, blood and sweat Sheila has sacrificed for us."

Merfy Buban De Lozano

Los Angeles, California

Major Contributors to Our Success

Top Left; Me and My Daughter Keanna Louise in our NYC fun crew (Excuse the craziness, it was her birthday). Top Center; Shri Nada Devi Pramananda, My Spiritual Mother (Mataji). In addition to the two of us being Native American Shamans, we're also devotees of Mahavatar Babaji and Sathya Sai Baba. Top Right; Justin Lancaster, Esq., My Closest friend and mentor, having guided me since 2006, for the greater good of our mission. Bottom Left; Elle Keith is first of the original 10 women to make a significant investment in the development of SV&A. Next, from Bottom Left to Right; Muntavo Lewis, our most experienced advisor in the industry of Online Network Marketing, Phillip Thompson, our knight in shining armor and light keeper when times get tuff, and our Highest Level Elite Clients, Dale & Sheila Williams and Joaquin & Denise Torres, whose support and unwavering dedication is one of the reasons we're still here to serve. Not pictured are Demetri Haikalis, my work husband and a major investor, and  Baldwin Ellis who is the first of our Highest Level Elite Clients.

To our beloved Rev. Sheila V., here's wishing you a Veterans Day befitting of the fearless warrior you have proven to be both here in the U.S. and abroad.  Thank you not only for your many years of devoted service, but also for working so tirelessly to help improve the plight of veterans. You are truly an inspiration to us all!

Jacqueline M. Honore

Las Vegas, Nevada

That morning you wake up after a wonderful dream about SVM Global reaching out to families around the world, you know that it's going to be a super fabulous day!


Ben Philias

Los Angeles, California

THANKS SO MUCH SHEILA!! The vision and the dream has kept you in the driver's seat no matter what has come your way. I feel blessed to be a part of this great group.

Jerry & Linda Hodges

Southeast Coast, USA

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SVM Global Support from Pastors of The Brooklyn Christian Center to Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz, bottom right; Our SVM Global Team of Aussies, Bruce and Andrea Esterman, Greg and Ellen Hart and Randall Hinds. Al and Judy Curtis and family to the rescue from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

The Far North to South, East to West we're covered!!! Woohoo!!!

"I cannot wait until the day comes that I get to meet you in person.  Thank you for being honest and real on your calls. It shows the person you truly are. I'm very thankful to be a part of your mission to end poverty and homelessness worldwide."

Theresa Calichs

Ephrata, Pennsylvania

"Creating something new is a process. 

I am here with you Sheila and I do not judge. The mission is just and the road there will be bumpy because no one has crossed this road before. We will create our own path and set the trail for others to follow."

Cam Callender

Phoenix, Arizona

"I am one of the original 10 who have been with Sheila for over 4 years now. She is he most truthful, compassionate, loving persons I know. She is spiritual not religious as am I. That is a common bond we have had since we first met and I love her heart and spirit."

Elle Keith

Los Angeles, California

SGT Sandy Rolon, US Army (Ret.)

Sheila V. has struggled long and hard to get this off the ground and it has now become a reality...join in her venture to better your life... God Bless

SGT Sandy Rolon, US Army (Ret)

NYS Military Women In Power, Ltd.

[email protected]

Ministered by Pastor R.J. S Pillai

Our SVM Global Family in Andrah Pradesh, bordering the Southeastern Coast of East India.

Let's also never lose site of our ultimate mission....To END poverty and homelessness around the world !!

Kyle Matlack

Columbus, Ohio

Amen. And a special shout out to Rev. Sheila who stayed the course despite all of the obstacles she had to endure. She must have been one heck of an Air Force Staff Sergeant!!

Jacqueline Honore

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sheila's a mighty woman of God! Multi-task extraordinaire. Highly insightful. Strong yet compassionate. Fearless! Leader!

Phillip A. Thompson

Seattle, Washington

Kei George

Raleigh, North Carolina

"I have been trying to build an Internet Business since July of 2007, with limited success. I am not a perfect man, but all I can say is THANK YOU GOD, for allowing me to find this group. From my experiences in life, it's all about the team (Mastermind.) It doesn't matter what has happened or how long it takes. What matters is that there has been a CONSISTENT effort to launch. The calls give me hope for a better future. SVM is a for a good cause, and it's truly a special opportunity that is going to impact a lot of lives in a very positive way. Once again from the BOTTOM of my heart...Thank you."

"Sheila, I support you totally and thank you for your hard work, vision and for being such a caring, wonderful person. I am believing you will make changes for the good in many, many lives. Thanks for coming in our lives."

Joan Dacey

Boston, Massachusetts

"I will be very much thankful to our Great Madam Sheila for her continued hard working to finish Market plan. Really, she is having extraordinary talent, Great Vision and also doing Great Job!"

Sistla Venkata Giri

Andra Pradesh, India

"God is with you and I am grateful to be part of your team and your mission. I will contribute my part as much as I can to take your mission and goals where you want it, which is ending poverty on a global scale. Thank you Ma'am."

Abdillah Ahamada

East African Islands

SVM Global Peer Support Staff

Top Row, Left - Right; Justin Lancaster, Esq. (East Coast, USA), Kellie Yackee (Los Angeles, CA), Bruce Esterman (Melbourne, Australia), Judy Curtis (Alberta, Canada), Ken Goldberg (Orlando, Florida), Eva Claesson (Mjölby, Sweden), Margaret Gunter (Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand), Art Correa (USA), Merfy Buban De Lozano (Los Angeles, CA), Sistla Venkata Giri (Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh), JoAnn Finegood Haef (Shadow Hills, CA), Randall Hinds (Sydney, Australia).