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"Earn While You Learn to Become Successful in Business"



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A Community Wealth Development Project

Inviting "You" to experience our culture of self-sufficient, domestic and international business owners.

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Service 1 ~ Empowerment

The key to success is believing you have already reached the highest point of your aspirations whilst still taking the necessary steps to achieve that point. Empowerment comes not without a sense of security and validation, so every move you make we are with you to the end.

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Service 2 ~ Professional Development

Presentation is everything because you really do only get one chance to make a First Impression. Luckily, there are no shortages of opportunities and life offers more than one first. We offer training in professional etiquette and more to ensure you are always presentable.

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Service 3 ~ Spiritual Life Coaching

"What Is Your Purpose In Life?" We believe everyone is born knowing the answer to this question, however, some lose their way when compelled to fulfill the expectations of others. The first step for us is to take you back to when your mind, body & spirit was elated by the prospect of earning a living doing what you enjoyed most, then help you devise a plan to achieve that very goal.

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Service 4 ~ Business Service Support

Everyone is born with skills worth trading. We turn your interests, goals, talents and other God-given gifts of commerce into sustainable streams of income, then offer consulting, legal,  financial and other business resources by way of third-party provider firms to ensure your continued success. When you're ready to retire simply say the word and we'll facilitate your transition every type of exit plan for you.  

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Service 5 ~ Administrators & Staff

Combined our consultants have over 120 years of experience in every industry across the globe from aerospace to zoology. Many of your account managers will be veterans of the armed forces working with military efficiency to find you the best resources available to help you meet your objective for the day.  

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Service 6 ~ Advertising, Marketing & Promotion

Winning websites, video introductions, social media exposure, and marketing campaigns are of the many ways we will give your business the exposure needed to rank highly amongst your peers thereby maintaining a healthy yet competitive business environment. Promotions are facilitated by The Marketplace at SV&A, LLC.

This where you will "Earn While You Learn!"

Service 7 ~ Future Entrepreneurs

All services are available in mock settings to junior associates ranging from 3 to 17 years of age. This program was created to familiarize youths in our communities with what it really takes to become successful in the affairs of business considering everything in life has a business side. Workshops are scheduled 2 weekends a month and provide a level of stimulation and encouragement we hope will inspire our youths to maintain active roles in shaping the forthcoming of our economy. We are looking forward to meeting the future businessmen and women of your family!!!

Motivational Speaking and Introductory Workshops Scheduled Daily!

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